Banyak lebah mendatangi bunga yang kurang harum
Kerana banyaknya madu yang dimiliki bunga
Tidak sedikit lebah meninggalkan bunga yang harum kerana sedikitnya madu
Banyak lelaki tampan yang tertarik dan terpesona oleh wanita yang kurang cantik
Kerana memiliki hati yang cantik
Dan tidak sedikit pula wanita cantik ditinggalkan lelaki kerana keburukan hatinya
Karena kecantikan yang sejati bukanlah cantiknya wajah tetapi apa yang ada didalam dada
Maka percantiklah hatimu agar dicintai dan dirindukan semua orang.

“Sesungguhnya Allah tidak melihat luaran kalian dan rupa kalian akan tetapi Allah melihat hati kalian” – (HR.Muslim)

Friday, January 14, 2011

my perfect future husband...

I am 15 years old girl and usually dream about my future...i am always dream how i will look as a university student one day..what car will i drive and not to forget who my future husband....first of all..i don't want!my future husband will be from my state....huuu~...my perfect future husband also must have a good sense of humor...i cannot live a happy life with a serious,straight man....my future husband is a man who has ability to make a good joke and always make me smile in any situation..i am sure i will have a good sweet marriage if my future husband has a good sense of humor..and the important is he also must islamic boy..i am not mean that he must always wear 'jubah' , 'sereban' and the other...but just a simple boy...As a girl ... i want a man that can make me feel secure.He must be a brave man..that is what will my future husband has...i want a man who can protect me from the danger..i don't want a man who smashed a cockroaches and does not want to sweep off what he has done due to he is scare of the cockroaches  and feel yucky with it...to protect me..he must know the martial arts like taekwondo.karate ..silat...or the other...beside having the courage and bravely..my perfect future husband also must be an ededucated man...^_^...i am not meant that he must be professor or the other...but enoughly for me if he know and practice what have 'ISLAM' teach...and i also hope he can cook too!...this will be one of the sweetest part 4 me...these days..it is quite hard to find a man who can cook..i am the luckiest woman on earth if my perfect future husband can prepare me a romantic dinner!...huhu..but i don't mind if he can't cook....because it my responsbility....^_^....i believe ...all women want a husband with a good attitudes..as 4 me...i would like to have a husband who is humble person...last but not least..my perfect future husband ..my life partner..will be someone who can accept me as i am ..

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